HES-SO - Fribourg

HES-SO, EIA Fribourg

In the HES-SO Fribourg site is present a very large facilities in order to carry out experiments in real scale that consists in a laboratory of 800 m², with strong-pavement of 60 m², constructed in 1996, equipped with modern devices for charge and measurement (elements until 14 m of length with 2 jacks of 500 kN, servo-electronic controlled, elements between 2m and 6m length with different capacity jacks (20 kN to 5'000 kN, set-up for pre-stressed beam with 4'000 kN load capacity and for 4.00 x 4.00 m² slab). Other devices are present like Hydraulic Machine (3 MN, with opening of 3500 mm, 1÷5 MN with openings of 800 mm), digital measurement chains, sensors (force, displacement, etc.) and audio-video equipment.