SUPSI - Lugano

Institute of Materials and Constructions

The Institute of Materials and Constructions (IMC) of SUPSI-DACD is a ISO IEC 17025 accredited material testing laboratory. Among its institutional tasks are the conduction of research and development activities, and the support to the university for all its educational activities (basic and continuing education).

The Institute's research activities focus on the fields of construction materials and structures, of condition assessment and diagnostics of buildings and structures.

The institute is equipped with scientific instruments and machines for the determination of the mechanical, technological, chemical, physical, micro-structural and durability properties of building materials and components. It is in particular equipped with some facilities for mechanical characterization in a large range of strain rate (up to hard impact) of material and with several environmental cells for accelerated, artificial weathering. In the 400 m² main hall is present a testing frame equipped with loading system for experiments on real scale structural elements.