TEMAS - experimental TEchniques: MAterials and Structures

The online course has been moved to a new url: http://temas.elearninglab.org

TEMAS is an online repository of learning objects of techniques, tests and standards concerning building structures (concrete, steel, timber, etc).

Each object is centered around an experimental test on the mechanical characteristics of both materials and structures (for example a bending test of a concrete beam). It includes a commented video clip of the test, integrated with a theoretical introduction, annexes concerning standard references and finally, a self-evaluation test.

In the frame of bachelor engineering studies in the University of Applied Sciences, but also in some courses in the Master or Bachelor of other universities, it is fundamental to provide to the students both a practical and technical preparation in mechanical characterization of structures and materials. Effective teaching for such a topic requires direct experience, in order to see the real effects of forces on materials and structures (for example steel or concrete, beams or slabs) and to observe the different tests that the standards requires in order to certify specific materials and constructions.

During the project we have created of a repository of didactic units (called learning objects) in which the experimental techniques and the practical exercise are thoroughly described, as well as the application of theory like tests carried out for the determination of the mechanical characteristics of the materials and the structures. The database is constantly upgraded and extended by the experiences realized in the different laboratories of Switzerland and International Universities.